Lungs are an important organ of your body. These lungs and respiratory systems do possess multiple natural defenses. When you inhale, the air through your nose goes through filtration by the tiny hairs in the nose. There is a mucus present in the lungs as well that acts as a barrier and prevent bacteria from entering. It is very important that you have healthy lungs in order to enjoy a happy life. But, your lungs these days expose themselves to many chemicals as well as pollutants that are harmful. By breathing such air you are prone to lung diseases such as Tuberculosis, whooping cough and even bronchitis and pneumonia. So, it is important to find out ways to recover from these diseases.

Some of the ways to recover from lung diseases are:

Quit Smoking

One of the major ways to recover from lung diseases is to stop smoking. You should make sure not to expose your lungs to the extra stress. Keep yourself away from the particles, carcinogens as well as smoke. Studies have shown that counselling along with medical therapy would definitely work. When you smoke, harmful chemicals such as nicotine enter into your body thus making things worse. Smoking also causes tar that coats your lungs thus makes it harmful for your lung health. So, it is important to not smoke.

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Eating Healthy

Diet can surely help you recover from many lung diseases. The kind of food you eat directly affects your body. These help in healing your lungs as there are some vitamins and minerals present in certain foods. So, it is important that you switch to organic foods as far as possible. Studies prove that there are a number of preservatives and additives found in non-organic foods. These may cause asthma attacks, lung cancer and major disease Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases (COPD). So, it is important to avoid these.

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Stay Hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated is also important to recover from any lung disease. If you are well hydrated that helps to keep the lungs free of mucus. Drinking a lot of water also helps in easing blood flow. It also keeps mucus thin, which further helps in preventing too much mucus from building up in your lungs. You can also keep yourself hydrated by eating fruits and vegetables with a high water content. These include watermelon, tomatoes as well as cucumbers.


Incorporating exercise in your daily schedule also helps out in recovering from certain lung diseases. Since these days many of us don’t find the need for a regular workout and this is also one of the causes of lung issues. Exercising is not only important for cardiovascular health but also for lung health. Exercise increases the flowing of blood to the lungs. It thus makes possible for all the nutrients to reach the lungs. You can start with breathing exercises and include pursed-lip breathing, Diaphragmatic breathing along with deep breathing exercises.

Herbs as medication

You can also use certain herbs in order to recover from lung diseases. Many times, these herbs act as medicines and give relief from certain issues. You can either drink these herbs as teas or even take them as supplements. You can try Oregano as it is a natural decongestant. Take it in oil form as a supplement. Also, you can try peppermint or even try additional supplements.

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So, in order to get relief from these diseases, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In order to improve your lungs condition, you may also try some natural methods along with mentioned above. Healthy lungs would provide a healthy body so it is necessary to incorporate certain changes.

To know more about the types and causes of lung diseases, visit: Lung diseases overview 

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