Bucharest is the capital city of Romania and a beautiful one. Its architecture is really a fascinating mix. You can find buildings, centuries as well as old churches here. Though all these have been survivors of earthquakes, have faced war, Communism but still worthy to be visited.

Bucharest is also one of the political, administrative, economic, financial, banking as well as the cultural centre of the country. This city depicts old, new, traditional along with the modern in a neoclassical style. This city is Vibrant, exciting and you will enjoy beautiful contrasts here.

Let us discuss the things you should do and see when visiting Bucharest:

Old town

The Old town is a place developed just a couple of years ago. Very often, people name it as the newest Old Town is the world.

The aim to develop such a place was so that tourists can enjoy social drinking along with other things. This area is always jumping. It has streets full of bars and restaurants, mouth-watering kebab shops and a lot of music pumping in. You would find the local beer cheap here in Bucharest as compared to the Vodka.

The palace of the parliament

If you visit Bucharest, this place is a must visit. This place is also famous as the House of the People as it is one of the popular landmarks of Romania’s communist period. Also, the construction here is impressive as well as controversial. This place is also one of the unforgettable symbols of a regime.

The House of the People is the second largest building on the planet after the Pentagon. It has around 1000 rooms with hand-made decorations. Construction of this place is truly monumental.

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Bucharest food tour

When you are in Bucharest and wish to do something, then go and attend the food tour. Make sure that you go with an empty belly so that you can eat your way around with this food tour. You can expect a lot of traditional sausages, Romanian bacon, pork, goats cheese, sweet pepper as well as sweet cheese pie. If you wish to try some of the local desausage and bacon, this food tour takes you through the Bucharest food market.

Bucharest’s parks

If you have always wondered where do all the locals go on weekends in Bucharest, it might be a beach or parks. There are many parks to laze around  and they are without any doubt very beautiful. One of the biggest parks is Herastrau which is around 187 hectares and is built around Herastrau lake. Here you can hire a boat and visit the Village Museum. You also have an option to check out the sculptures here.

Other fascinating parks are Botanical gardens, Cismigui Gardens and the famous concrete Carol Park.

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Blue cemetery

Blue Cemetery is one of the oldest in Bucharest. It is a truly authentic cultural attraction in Bucharest and has a unique outdoor gallery with impressive funeral sculptures and tombs. It is also an amazing resting place for some famous politicians, artists as well as scientists. This place is a creation of some famous artists of the past centuries. Among these centuries 200 are in the listing of historical monuments.

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Apart from these, Bucharest also has a lot of old buildings. You will also find some coolest bookshops here. It is a must visit place to enjoy the beauty, pleasing architecture and you can even indulge in a lot of tours. You can even plan a visit to Sinaia a small town that is just 90 minutes from Bucharest. This town is amazingly located in the shadow of Bucegi.

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