Saint-Tropez being one among the most glamorous places in France offers sunny weather, sandy shores along with mild Mediterranean winters. It has some attractive pastel-colored houses, narrow cobblestone streets along with shady squares. When you look for Saint-Tropez, images of sunbathing celebrities along with designer boutiques and luxury yachts come into the mind. Though it might be hard to believe but this town used to be a humble fishing village. Presently, this is not the case, it is endowed with mesmerizing azure blue seas. Saint-Tropez also has a collection of great pine trees, olive groves as well as cypresses and shrublands.

Saint-Tropez, a great place to visit has a number of tourist attractions.

Let us discuss the must-see places of Saint-Tropez:

1. Vieux Port (Old Port)

Vieux Port is famous as the heart of Saint-Tropez. This is the place where old fishing village actually sprung to life. The scenes of small fishing boats, as well as fashionable yachts are definite to charm you. This place has some awesome pastel-coloured houses along with lively cafes with outdoor terraces. You will also find many artists selling colourful paintings that depict scenes of Saint-Tropez just on the sidewalk edge.

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2. Annonciade Museum & Art Gallery

This museum is a place for art lovers. The Gallery dates back to 1922 and has a collection of various artworks that are sure to impress you. This gallery has some fine artworks of French masterminds such as Matisse, Derain, and Marquet. The Annonciade Museum & Art Gallery is inside a 16th-century chapel. This small museum depicts how Saint-Tropez’s importance as avant- garde centre at the starting of the 20th century. This place is a discovery of Paul Signac.

3. Place aux Herbes

The Place aux Herbes is a nice attraction near the harbor. This is basically an ancient market square filled with colourful fruits, vegetable as well as flower stalls that too in the early morning. So, if you want to get your early dose of fresh veggies and fruits this is the best place to be. There is a fish market also nearby that does offer fresh fishes. Also, in the area, you may find many gourmet speciality food shops. So, for all your daily veggies and gourmets this is a place not to be missed.

4. La Ponche: The Old Town

La Ponche is nothing but the old town of Saint-Tropez. This place basically borders the Vieux Port harbor basin and is just below the citadel. Also, the historic centre of the fishing village, this place is the most picturesque one in Saint-Tropez. Some part of La Ponche is a pedestrian zone of narrow alleyways as well as quaint cobblestone. It comprises of small shops along with upscale boutiques, cafes as well as restaurants. As soon as you enter you can begin by exploring this lively quarter. This quarter leads into the centre of the Old Town. You can also have a look on the bust of Saint-Tropez here along with its delicately crafted wood carvings.

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5. L’Opera Bar and Restaurant

If you wish to enjoy some glamour, L’Opera Bar and Restaurant is one of the bars and restaurants on beautiful terraces in Saint Tropez. They provide a beautiful view of the port and the bell tower. You may witness white and gold décor modern as well as luxurious settings. Not only is L’Opera is brilliant in the daytime it also offers a nightlife along with delicious cuisine. You may also enjoy a variety of live dancers as well as performers on the central podium tables. L’Opera captures the attention of many celebrities and is so known to be exceptionally glamorous. Because of the presence of celebrities, this place has become one of the coolest in Saint-Tropez.

6. Citadel

Citadel is just above the village of Saint-Tropez. It dates back to early 1600s. The Citadel’s gateway offers you an impressive relief by Paul Landowski that features a ship’s cannon. This fortress also houses the Musee d’Histoire Maritime. You can also discover the past of Saint-Tropez here and can actually know the stories of the men and women shaping the history of the village. You can also learn about the town’s fisherman here.

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Saint-Tropez has surely grown to be one of the glamorous places. It is also a beautiful holiday destination that you must plan to visit at least once. It doesn’t matter if you are here for shopping, music or nightlife, this place has everything to offer. Also, not to forget its history, architecture as well as culture.

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