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Lungs perform a vital function in your body. They are also one of the magnificent organs. If your lungs struggle, your overall body tends to struggle. Lung diseases would definitely mess around your breathing patterns but symptoms won’t show that easily. Your body might signal you in different ways, so it is up to you to recognize these and be careful. If there is a damage to the lungs, it creates difficulty in breathing out and thus results in shortening of breath.

Some typical COPD disorders are emphysema, chronic bronchitis as well as asthma. Though other conditions can also cause respiratory failure. So, if there is any damage to the lungs, the damage would affect the whole body.

Some of the symptoms to look out for unhealthy lungs:

Low energy

Do you always feel that you are probably low on energy? And climbing a single flight of stairs make you feel like running a marathon? You are not able to do your daily tasks easily. This is the first sign of unhealthy lungs. Your cells require oxygen to produce the energy required to keep your motor running. So, when your lungs do not deliver the necessary oxygen to your body, you start becoming lazy. So, now it all starts with a vicious cycle-fatigue prevents you from exercising. Lacking exercise makes it harder to keep necessary stamina even for day to day tasks.

Shortness of breath

Another sign of Unhealthy lungs is shortness in breathing. It generally occurs due to some lung condition or heart condition. Since both hearts, as well as lungs, have a role in transporting oxygen to tissues and removing carbon dioxide. So, in either of the problems, you do face shortness in breathing.

Weight loss

Weight Loss is also one of the symptoms of Unhealthy lungs. If you are suffering from lung disease, it brings with it a multitude of body problems. It would also make you shed a lot of weight suddenly. Also, if you are already facing breathing issues, it may sometimes be hard to eat much all in one sitting. So, you tend to lose more weight.


Wheezing is sometimes associated with asthma and other lung diseases. It is nothing but high-pitched whistling sound and does occur when breathing in and out. This generally signifies that some foreign object blocks the normal flow of air into the lungs. This also constricts the lung’s airways. The air doesn’t flow out in that speed as it should. The air sacs don’t remain that elastic and springy. So, this is also a major symptom of Unhealthy lungs.

Coughing blood

Coughing Blood is one of the alarming symptoms of Unhealthy lungs. This might be a symptom of lung cancer but not necessarily mean so. Because coughing blood might sometimes relate to chronic bronchitis or emphysema. So, if you are coughing up blood, that means there is a problem with either the lungs or even respiratory tract. You should not ignore this symptom and give immediate attention considering it is a severe health problem.

Chest pain

Chest pain if lasts longer than a month is a warning sign. If chest pain comes or is made worse from inhaling, exhaling or even coughing, it signifies lungs are an issue. Lungs normally do not have pain nerves but the lining inside the chest does. When the lining inside of the chest is irritable, it causes chest pain called pleuritis. Sometimes you may feel muscle strain even from coughing. This also signifies unhealthy lungs.

As and when lungs become unhealthy, your whole body suffers, So, not only is it necessary to take proper treatment but also prevent lung diseases. There are a number of measures you can take from preventing these diseases. These include quitting smoke, maintaining a healthy weight, taking rich diet etc.

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