An unhealthy heart is the main cause of death in many countries. The heart and arteries basically are a part of the largest organ systems. When these two begin to fail, you can see symptoms in many unrelated parts of the body. It is not always that heart problems would come with a warning sign. Life is not always like movies where you see alarming chest clutch and then person falling to the floor. Sometimes you don’t watch out for those risk factors.


Indigestion, heartburn

One of the signs of an unhealthy heart is burning or an aching like sensation in the upper abdomen. This symptom may also depict a heart attack. Heartburn may sometimes even result in vomiting. So, if the heartburn or indigestion tends to happen along with nausea, sweating, shortness of breath or even lightheadedness it is a matter of concern. People chew antacids many times but do not understand that this probably may a symptom of an unhealthy heart.


Chest aching or discomfort

This one is the most common sign of an unhealthy heart. If you face chest pains, especially near the left side of your heart that might be an impending heart attack. Also, if there is a blocked artery or you are facing a heart attack you might face pain or tightness in the chest. This pain can be so bad that it may reach upto the upper torso, the shoulder area. Sharp pain definitely means a problem with the heart.

Signs to look out for an unhealthy heart

Sleep problems

Another sign of an unhealthy heart is snoring. If you always feel sleepiness even after a full night’s sleep that means something is lacking. Some problems like insomnia as well as sleep apnea cause disruptions in your breathing though you might be asleep. These issues directly relate to many heart diseases and other cardiovascular issues. If you detect the problem of sleep apnea on time and treat it properly, it would result in lowering heart diseases.


Sexual issues

These days various sexual problems are also connected with an unhealthy heart. Erectile dysfunction is a common problem in males. The building up of plaque in the arteries of the body is the main reason behind erectile dysfunction. This leads to heart problems in men. In females, post-menopausal issues increase the risk for heart diseases. Certain health risks like changes in blood pressure, cholesterol level etc. start around the time of menopause only.

Signs to look out for an unhealthy heart

Sore gums

Every gum disease might not directly have relation to the heart, but by disrupting the gum layer, bacteria can affect the whole body. Also, unhealthy gums can lead to periodontitis. Periodontitis is a gum infection that is serious and damages the gum as well as destroys the jawbone. This condition can further worsen as it causes inflammation throughout your body. When inflammation grows, it symptomizes heart diseases. Therefore, these gums have relation to an unhealthy heart. So, it is also advisable to regularly follow up our dentist for oral hygiene along with regular brushing and flossing.


If you ignore the above problems you might be ignoring the risks associated with the heart. An unhealthy heart may even result in a heart attack at some point of time. So, not only timely detection is necessary but treatment is also important. Since many of the heart diseases are easily treatable by changing your lifestyle, you can modify the things accordingly. Moreover, in order to recover from heart issues, even small steps might make a big difference. So, it is important to ignore the sedentary lifestyle and follow a healthy one.


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