It has been a consistent debate about whether money can make you happy. People often argue that most things that a human being needs to be happy cannot be bought with money. But having a lot of money doesn’t hurt either! So, it can be said that yes, money can make you happy. After all, money does serve as a good bat to swing when life throws some unexpected curve balls at you.

Now, let’s have a look at some of the reasons why money can make you happy –

1. Independence

Surely, the biggest anchors in life are independence and self-confidence. No matter what emotional issues might be going on in your life, having a stable financial state makes it easier to close certain chapters.

An independent man or a woman would never look for happiness in the wrong places or for wrong reasons. They will always know their mind inside out and will be fully aware of their true desires as they have accomplished enough for themselves.

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Moreover, the underlying sense of satisfaction of the freedom to pay your own bills is inexplicable.

Money can make you happy especially when it is about buying a decent tub of ice cream to get over heartbreak.

2. Buying happiness

There are times when the sheer joy of owning a particular handbag or a tech device is a source of happiness. Buying tickets to a concert or a particular holiday package is a good way to rejuvenate your mind and be extremely happy.

Money can make you happy and materialistic things do give satisfaction and pleasure. It also goes beyond the luxuries. Getting a leak in the roof fixed will inevitably call for some money or getting gas to cook warm food will also require money. Money can make you happy by ensuring certain comforts and, at times, luxuries.

3. Recreation

Financial stability assures enough time that can be invested in enhancing your hobbies and join in other endeavors. Money can make you happy by allowing you to showcase your talents through self-sponsored galleries, self-publish your books, start a part-time business or enroll in a photography course or even become a part of a dance concert.

Even to incentivise a passion requires some money. Financial freedom does allow you ways to develop your hobby and make use of your time to drive in more happiness.

4. Emergency

Most emergency situations turn out to be highly money intensive and the sudden demands can only be met with a sound financial state. Money can make you happy especially when you can use it to get the best health services for your loved ones and ensure their longevity.

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Money is empowering in case of emergency situations irrespective of the nature of the emergency, medical or calamitous. It is equally important to have courage as well as some money to get back up after crippling circumstances.

5. Education

Money plays an extremely important role in the betterment of your as well as your children’s future. It is easier to get the best education and degrees with money to pay for tuition fee. In addition to this, there are college and school activities that also entail money. It is not just education but other logistics along with school supplies that entail a lot of investment.

The dependence on student loans becomes a huge setback once the studies are done. Money can make you happy by assuring stability. Today’s investments end up improving tomorrow’s future.

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6. Bringing happiness to others

There is a likability quotient associated with money. Presenting a beautiful dress or video games to grandchildren or buying a much-awaited present for the anniversary are some of the examples that prove that money can make you happy.

On the other hand, giving back to society is always fulfilling. Donating money for a good cause brings in more happiness than anything. Feeling good is the first step towards happiness. An,d charity always initiates a good feeling. Donating money to a noble cause is essentially the most endearing part of having money. Moreover, being able to create an impact on any aspect of other person’s life by delivers a notion of strength and happiness.

Final words:

Many people must have told you that money doesn’t make you happy. But the truth is that life without money is really hard. When you realize that you don’t have enough money, you get miserable.

Money may essentially fall short in buying friendship and love but it can sometimes assure good time, good company and decent surroundings. A decent company makes you happy but money does come in handy. Happiness always lies inside a person. It is just that sometimes money is needed to bring it to the surface.

So, who says money can’t make you happy? It sure does!!

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