Paris is a city that offers a good balance of everything. Being the capital of France it is a beautiful city and owns the world’s famous Eiffel tower. You have so much to do and see in Paris that it becomes truly hard to narrow it down to the essentials. When visiting here you need to plan your itinerary well in advance as there are so many things to do in Paris. There is museum touring, shopping, cemetery-perusing, district exploring etc. Let us explore some famous places in Paris.


Eiffel tower

One of the must see places in Paris is the Eiffel tower. Being the most renowned place of the world, it is still used for communication transmissions but is basically known for its grandeur. Initially, Parisians used to find this architectural marvel nothing but just an eyesore. Regardless of anything else, the Eiffel tower is one of the most attracted attractions for the tourists in the world.


Notre-dame cathedral

This one is similar to the Eiffel tower and is often seen as a Parisian icon. Located right alongside the picturesque River Seine, the Cathedral is considered as a Gothic masterpiece. It is also known as one of the best gothic cathedrals. If you look at the architectural details, they are intricate and become more abundant the closer you get. The front entrance has carefully carved statues.

Musee du Louvre

If you plan to visit only one museum in Paris, the Musee du Louvre is surely the one. It is mainly because this one is not only the best art museum in Europe, but also the best in the world. The museum does feature everything ranging from Egyptian mummy tombs to ancient Grecian sculptures. Moreover, there are thousands of paintings which you may peruse. It is also one of the places to view a lot of masterpieces.


Le Marais

Le Marais is one of the oldest and coolest districts of Paris. It straddles around the 3eme and 4eme arrondissements (districts). Looking around its cobblestone streets, stone architectures as well as tucked away courtyards it feels really easy when you stroll through medieval Paris. Though being in the Old-World French atmosphere, the neighborhood does play a host to all the multiple cultures throughout its lifetime. According to the tourists if you want to experience Le Marais just take a walk around.


Sacred Heart Basilica

The Sacred Heart Basilica of Montmartre rises just high above the Paris and moreover looks like a white castle than just a basilica. People visiting this church have always found it to be magnificent and some visitors admit that it is very tempting to be outside and you may admire the views of Paris. So, if you really wish to see something do not forget to explore the church’s stunning interiors.

Luxembourg gardens

One of the main places to visit in Paris are the Luxembourg gardens. It is a warm-weather oasis and offers you the simplest of the pleasures. This garden provides you with an ample green space where you can indulge in sun-soaking and watching people along. An added advantage here is that there are plenty of activities here to keep your kids entertained.


Paris is a big city and there are so many activities to do. So, you need plan accordingly so that you can visit each and every beautiful and famous place of Paris. Don’t forget to share your experience of your visit to Paris in the comment section below!

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