Warsaw is the heart of Poland and also the country’s capital. The city continues to flourish ever since the end of Soviet rule and also touches the skyline today. This city also depicts the intellectual side of Poland. It majorly attracts new businesses with its eclectic as well as vibrant cultural space. You will find a number of designer shops, pubs along with restaurants here. Warsaw is a city that offers something for each and everyone be it a history lover or a music lover. Following are the list of things you must do and visit in Warsaw.


Royal castle

If you want an experience that you will cherish in your heart forever, then Royal Castle in Warsaw is definitely a place to visit. This castle dates back to the 14th century. The castle has also come across two demolitions one being by the Swedes and another by Germans through those 700 years. This castle has a history of being destroyed by Nazi Germany and then rebuilding its status back. Ever since its last reconstruction, this castle displays a museum wherein there are beautiful apartments of the 16th-century King Sigismund II Augustus along with the House of Parliament.


Things to do and see in Warsaw


Łazienki park

This one is the great park to visit all the year round. But, considering the best time to visit would be spring. If you as a family or even as a couple want to enjoy weekends then this is the place to have fun. This park has palaces, pavilions, orangeries, amphitheater as well as monuments of national standing. This park is a mix of life as well as colors. It is vibrant, has multi colored flowers and you can even enjoy shades of green treetops. There is also a concert held here that you can enjoy on Sundays.

Royal route

Without any doubt, Royal route is one of the beautiful parts of this city. It basically comprises streets which include many important buildings and monuments. You can find churches, parks, palaces, academic institutions as well as townhouses along with this line. This place has its “royal” title because of three residences. These residences are Royal castle at the top, Lazienki palace in its park and the third Wilanow palace at the southern terminus.


St Anne’s church

St Anne’s is a famous church in the historic centre of Warsaw, Poland. It is just adjacent to the Castle square. St Anne’s church is one of the oldest landmarks in the city. This one is also famous as “The old town observation terrace.” If you wish to enjoy a nice view over the old town, then this is probably one of the best places to do so. The interiors of this church hold more classicist and rococo details. You will also find a simple wooden cross here which comes up to another point of interest. The main feature is its Neoclassical façade.


Things to do and see in Warsaw


Shop like a Varsovian

Apart from a number of places to visit, you can also shop in this city. Shopping here is both exciting as well as varied. You would get authentic along with cosmopolitan stuff. Warsaw has a lot to offer in terms of shopping. It doesn’t really matter whether you are strolling inside those luxurious shopping malls or are planning to explore flea markets. If you are looking out for souvenirs, Warsaw has local designer shops that offer cute designs.


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This city has everything to make your trip a fruitful one. Ranging from museums to all other local attractions you will find the place a worth visit. This city is bound to offer things that will make you enjoy here. From an art lover to a fitness fan, everyone seems to find his or her interests here. Being a vibrant city, it should be on the list of every traveller visiting Poland.


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