Sofia is Bulgaria’s Capital and is also a historic attraction. You will probably never be over with things to do in sofia.

You can truly feel the Soviet architecture here or the blend of Roman history. Many buildings here belong to the Bulgarian revival in the late 19th century during the time of independence from Ottomans. This is also famous as Bulgaria’s romantic but gritty capital. This capital city keeps emerging as a sparkling centre of energy as well as cultural richness.

Let us discuss the places that you must visit in sofia:

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

This is one of the largest Eastern Orthodox churches in the whole world. The construction of Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is so beautiful and intricate that it is most visited landmarks of sofia. The scale of the building will amaze you. It is in the honor of St Alexander Nevsky, the prince famed for the 13th century. This cathedral also symbolizes Bulgaria’s past. There is also a room inside for around 10,000 people. The cathedral dates back to 1880s. You can spend hours here.

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Borislova Gradina Park

The Borislova Gradina Park is one the most famous parks. It is also the oldest ones here as its landscape belongs to 1880s right after the Bulgarian Revival. If you want to enjoy refreshing afternoon amble this park would make your day. Also, if you come here on a summer evening you can catch free concerts. This Park has bright lights, tall buildings along with bustling streets. Also, if you do want to capture some fresh air, then this place a must visit. This park is basically divided into three parts.

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The Museum of Socialist Art

The Museum of Socialist Art showcases the artwork during Bulgaria’s socialist period. So, if you are an art lover, this place is definitely a worthy one. This place features an indoor gallery as well as an outdoor sculpture park. The Museum has a variety of engaging exhibits that includes the red star. It also includes a number of sculptures portraying some famous leaders, particularly Joseph Stalin. This is one of the charming and reflective venues of sofia.

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Boyana Church

This is a UNESCO heritage site just on the lower slopes of Vitosha Mountain. This medieval church has a dreamlike location and stands around a grove of tall softwood trees. Building up of this church took three stages from the 1000s to 1800s. It also depicts some 240 historical as well as biblical figures. The paintings here also include contemporary portraits of two Bulgarian rulers, Tsar Konstantin Assen and Tsar Koloyan, that too next to their wives.

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Vitosha Mountain

Though there are many places that you can visit in sofia, this one seems to be a bit adventurous. To reach Vitosha you need to climb more than 2,200 metres behind sofia’s southwestern suburbs. It is basically a monumental peak that too in a nature park,. It surely does offer you more adventure than you could ever plan into one single trip. You also reach Vitosha through the easiest way via Aleko, that is mountain’s ski resort. Vitosha is also one of the great spots for summer trekking.

So, sofia is not just limited to specific things, it has lots and lots to offer. It is one of those intriguing cities. This city combines all of the disparate traditions binding them all into one magical as well as an inspiring city. Apart from the above spots, this city offers galleries as well as night spots to hang out. This is definitely a must visit place for travellers.

For more information, visit: Sofia, Bulgaria

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