Monaco is just on the glamorous French Riviera and is basically known for a small principality whose head is Prince of Monaco. Monte Carlo is basically the administrative area of the Principality of Monaco. Monte Carlo is also one among the four sections of Monaco. This one is the most interesting one as many hotels, restaurants as well as attractions are within this one. This city does boast of about an average of 300 days of sunshine in a year. It doesn’t really matter whether you visit for a day or stay for a night, this unique city is definitely a worth visit.

Let us discuss the places that are a must visit in Monte Carlo:

Larvotto Beach

Larvotto is one of the most popular and the only beach in Monaco. Beachcombers enjoy taking a walk along the Mediterranean Sea wearing their sturdy shoes. But if you visit the beach as it is a recommendation for families be cautious as it is also popular with topless sunbathers. Though some sections of Monaco’s public beach are free for visitors the others still charge admission. Also, this beach is just a few minutes walk from Monte Carlo.

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Jardin Exotique

This is a beautiful botanical garden and a must visit by every traveler. This one is on the side of a cliff and hosts around 1,000 succulents and most of them are cacti. Some of these plants are around 100 years old. Also, an underground cave is just over the foot of the cliff. It is such that guided tours. This Garden in Monte Carlo also houses Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology.

Oceanographic museum

Rising just above the cliff-side rocks, this museum houses a treasure trove of sea life including seahorses, sharks, cuttlefish, sea cucumbers and many more. The building of this Museum in Monte Carlo is in itself a monumental work of art. It took around 11 years for the building to build using a lot of stones from southeastern France. The museum also celebrated its 100th anniversary in the year 2010.

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Prince’s Palace of Monaco

Prince’ Palace of Monaco is one of the royal places in Monte Carlo. You can take a tour of the Prince’s Palace to enjoy that royalty. These stately grounds have moreover been home to the Grimaldi dynasty. This dynasty includes the late Prince Rainier III and Grace Kelly, the glamorous movie star-turned-princess. This Palace opens its rooms to the public during summers.

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Opera De Monte Carlo

If you want in some entertainment do indulge in a performance at the Opera De Monte Carlo. It was way back in 1879 and was in commission by the Grimaldi family. This opera does showcase Monte Carlo as more than Riviera playground. These days, this opera house showcases classical musical. Along with these, there are also ballet as well as philharmonic acts. You can indulge in small yet luxurious comfort of this auditorium of around 524 seats.

6. Palace changing of the guards

Another place to visit in Monte Carlo is the Palace changing of the Guards. These officers stand guard just outside the Prince’s Palace of Monaco always round the clock. You can view the stately Changing of the Guard each day at around 11:55 a.m. The guards mostly comprise an infantry division with around 119 officers with the motive: “Honor, Loyalty and devotion.”

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Monte Carlo has always been the playground for rich and famous. If you wish to step into the world of high-stakes glamour along with a royal twist, this place is a sure visit. From Casinos to Palaces it has lots to view.

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