The more time you spend in Vienna, the more you start to fall in love with it. It is like, every day you get to learn something new about this city, even if you are a native of this place. And obviously, you would love to have Wiener Schnitzel. The graceful Viennese waltz, delicate and deliciously sinful pastries, and a few great classical composers are some of the main attractions. Here are 6 amazing places you must visit, which will surely blow your mind away.


In the center of the old city, you can admire the imperial palace which was once ruled by the rulers of Habsburg dynasty. But, now it has become the residence of the President of Austria. I bet you won’t feel hungry or thirsty, as the palace embraces vibrant café’s, classy restaurants, and lush parks.


St. Stephen’s cathedral

Lying in the historic centre of Vienna, this cathedral is a symbol which has brought much recognition to the entire country. It has been guarding the city for more than 70 years. It is also said that the whole structure of the cathedral was rebuilt after world war II. This cathedral consists of more than 18 altars, built at different times, and embraces beautiful works of art. The features including catacombs and cathedral treasure are the centres of attraction and reach high in to the Viennese skyline.


Schonbrunn palace and gardens count to be in one of the most historical monuments in Vienna.This place is famous for its magnificent architecture and a beautiful park-like setting. It also serves as a summer residence to the Habsburg emperors. The most interesting thing about this place is that it consists of 1,441 rooms and shines with the charm of its baroque architecture.


Vienna zoo

It is one of the oldest and best zoos in Europe. It is pleasant and refreshing if you’re seeking for some refreshment. The main highlight of the zoo for the people who are planning to visit it will be the giant pandas. You can also find the fiery Siberian tigers here.

Vienna city hall

Vienna city hall is an impressive neo-gothic building which occupies nearly 14,000 meters of the former parade ground. It was completed in 1883 and serves as the city’s administrative centre. It is popularly known as “Wiener Rathaus” and comes under the most crucial landmarks of Vienna. Nowadays , it is going through extensive renovations and is expected to be completed by 2023.


Belvedere palace

This is one of the most popular attractions of Vienna. It embraces two beautiful baroque buildings: Unteres (the lower Belvedere), Oberes (the upper Belvedere). It also houses one of the greatest collections of Gustav Klimt’s paintings. Moreover, you must not miss the view the great Belvedere Palace at night when it is all lit up and provides a great view of Vienna.


Every tourist attraction plays a crucial role in every traveler’s memories. Thus, Vienna has a lot to offer if you’re ready to explore. And that makes it the most liveable city in the world. So, plan your next trip to Vienna and enjoy the awesomeness of this place. To read more go to City of Vienna


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