Prague is a beautiful city with amazing architecture. It is the capital city of the Czech Republic and offers a mix of history, culture, ambiance. It also offers nightlife and beauty that is both man-made as well as natural. Here, you can definitely explore the medieval streets in the daylight. Prague is one of the most beautiful cities of the world. This city offers you relaxation along with a great Czech cuisine. One of the advantages is that you can visit this city in both summers as well as winter seasons. Below a list of things to do and see in Prague.


Prague castle

Never miss the Prague castle when you are visiting this city. It is one of the most popular attractions in Prague. Prague castle is considered to be one of the largest ancient castles in the world and no doubt it is the prettiest as well. Towers and palaces of this castle dominate the city center. These look like a fairy-tale fortress. This castle has a beautiful collection of historic buildings, museums as well as galleries.

Old town square

Old town square is among the most spectacular squares of Europe. This square is untouched since the 10th century. If you wish to admire the architecture of Prague, then this one is the best place to do so. This tower is  the highest in the Old town. It is famous for housing Prague’s most identifiable icons, i.e. the astronomical clock.


Wallenstein garden

Wallenstein garden is one of those Baroque masterpieces that is situated near the base of Prague Castle. It is also known as a beautifully manicured garden that offers lush greenery, shaped hedges as well as a large pond. It also displays statues that represent heroes from Greek mythology. This park is also a home to Wallenstein palace.

Farmer’s market

The farmer’s market is also one of the major attractions in Prague. These markets are truly authentic, genuine along with being popular among the local people. This market generally pops up every Saturday and run throughout the year. The main advantage of visiting this market is that people showcase what is in season at the particular time of the year. The market has a range of seasonal vegetables, freshly baked bread as well as cakes. You can enjoy these while sitting by the riverside.


Puppet show

One of the many things to do in Prague is to watch a puppet show. Citizens of Prague are too passionate about their puppets. The city has around 20 specialized puppet shows, 30 puppet makers and also a puppet museum. The city’s love for puppets dates back to 12th century. At that time, these figures were only used as entertainment at royal feasts as well as ceremonies. National Marionette Theater is the perfect place to watch puppet show as it offers some popular performances.


Prague’s districts have their own atmosphere and typically unique charm. If you want to visit something that is ancient as well as modern, this is the perfect place for you. Also, if you love architecture and history, this place is definitely a worth visit. Above all, this is a cosmopolitan city and welcomes foreigners with open hands.


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