How to be more productive to get things done instantly. Productivity is the ability to achieve what you want to achieve, for the least effort. Increasing your productivity can bring you more time, money and happiness. In today’s fast-paced society, time is becoming more and more limited. Thus, it is crucial to figure out how we can get things done in a more effective and efficient way. Let’s discuss how you can make the most of your day with these ways to increase your productivity.


Wake up early

People are most productive during the early morning hours. Getting up early is hard but, once you develop a habit, it can boost the last part of your productivity. In order to fully utilize this time, make a plan for the day and start to get ahead while most people are still sleeping. Stick to this plan each and every day to get your things done easily and fastly.


Get started

Starting is the biggest barrier to productivity. Before getting started, the brain visualizes the hardest tasks to come and instead focuses on small mindless tasks. To avoid this, you can split up your large tasks into smaller ones that your brain will find less daunting and it will make the starting process easier.

To-do list

Creating a to-do list is important for increasing productivity. By creating a to-do list each night for the upcoming day can get you organized and allow you to know where your focus should go every day. This way you won’t have to spend time in the morning trying to decide what task needs to be done first. But don’t create a very long and complex to-do list as it can make you frustrated in the evening when very few things are checked off.



Don’t just make a list of tasks but schedule everything. This way you can know how long you want to spend on something. It can also help you to stay on track and work towards completing each task. By blocking everything into timeslots, you can take control of your workflow and not let your work take over your day. Give yourself a deadline. Write your tasks on a piece of paper, mark the deadline in your calendar and you’ll be much more likely to complete your task.


Stop multitasking

Most people think that being able to multitask is a must-have skill everyone should accomplish in order to become successful. But the truth is, multitasking can decrease up to 40% of your productivity. So, it’s better to focus on one task at a time and give it 100%.


Learn to say NO

You can’t please everyone and still finish your projects on time. This is one of the hardest steps you can take to make your day more productive. For things that interfere with your working habits, or don’t add value to your life, it’s completely okay to say NO or turn someone down.

Minimize distractions

When you sit down to work on something, turn off everything that might distract you and focus on one task at hand that you’ve scheduled for that time. Turn your notifications off; don’t check emails, Facebook or other social media accounts after every few minutes. If you allow yourself to get distracted even by something as small as responding to emails, it may take you longer to get back to the level of productivity you were at before.



When your work desk is organized and everything is in place, it’s much easier to focus on the task at hand instead of arranging a pile of sheets or searching for a pen.


Take a break

Taking breaks is one of the most important things you can do to help boost your productivity. Taking a break can also allow you a mental reset. In between each task, take a small break. If you sit behind the desk all day, make sure to stand up and move around. Getting away from your desk for a bit can help you to stay focused and productive.


Do you know what’s common between you and the most successful entrepreneurs in the world? The same “24 hours” that we all get to live a meaningful life. What really makes the difference is that what you do with that time and how you choose to spend it. You can either waste it or use it to invest in your dreams.


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