The liver is an important organ that performs many essential tasks in our body.  It helps in secretion of bile juice to aid in better digestion, it also breaks down toxins that result from alcohol, medications and also running your metabolism. Liver acts as the main processing system in your body and stores and regulates energy and vital nutrients. It defends your body against toxins and also produces essential proteins that are your body uses to function. So, it becomes very necessary to maintain your liver health. For a  healthy body it is necessary to know which foods and drinks to avoid for a healthy liver.



First on the list of harmful foods is Alcohol. When the liver breaks down alcohol in your body, the occurring chemical reaction can damage the cells of the body thus increasing inflammation and scarring. Also consuming alcohol on a regular basis blocks your absorption of nutrients.


Fatty foods

Saturated fats can increase the inflammation over time, can cause cirrhosis, and also make it harder for your liver to do its job. So, it is best to avoid saturated foods like Burgers, French fries, pizzas, and others that harm your liver. These fatty foods promote the bad cholesterol level.

Sugary foods

The liver does convert the sugar into fat. But fat storage in excess can affect the healthy liver and can even cause fatty liver disease. Sugar can damage your liver as alcohol does, even if you have normal weight. So, it is necessary to avoid foods like sugars, such as Soda even pastries or candy.


Soda and white bread

Foods and drinks to avoid for a healthy liver like soda and white bread are the deadliest combinations of all it includes refined carbohydrates and sugar overdose. This doesn’t help your liver in any way. These also increase the liver disease and make it fatty.


Salty items

Salty items such as canned soups and all the packaged foods are always loaded with sodium and thus can increase excess fluid in the liver and thus hinder the functioning of the liver.

Red meat

Red meat might be a rich source of protein but it affects the liver as well as it is not very easy to break down this protein very easily. And the more protein becomes toxic for you and will affect your liver and brain also.


Excess fruit

It may not be easy to believe but if you consume large quantities of fructose rich-fruits such as raisins, dry fruits and fruit juice they can cause inflammation and thus fatty liver. So, it is better to avoid such foods and drinks to avoid for a healthy liver.


Synthetic vitamins

Liver has the function of filtering the unused nutrients out of your body, so when there are excess of specifically synthetic vitamins in the body they can cause stress on the liver additionally.

TV dinner

TV dinners along with soups, salad dressings as well as chips and many more foods contain a substance called monosodium glutamate which in turn affect your liver badly. Since these foods damage liver as well as kidney, it is best to avoid them.



Consuming raw fishes, and in particular,Oysters would definitely increase the risk of being infected with Hepatitis A. This disease can be mild and may last only a few weeks or even can cause a serious illness to you. So, it would be best to avoid oysters and help your liver cleanse in a healthy way.

The liver is one of the most important organs in the body. You have only one and if your liver is sick and unable to perform its vital functions, the rest of your body cannot work properly. Now you know which foods and drinks to avoid for a healthy liver. Keeping it in a healthier condition is fundamental for overall good health. Here is a list with the best foods and drinks you can eat or drink to cleanse your liver.


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