Do you feel guilty when taking a break as an entrepreneur? Well, this post is for you!

As an entrepreneur, you might facing the burden of many responsibilities. Clients, meetings, staff, etc. etc. These things shall make shall create more burden sometimes. The fact is that many of you might suffer from a kind of guilt about taking a break. If you are an entrepreneur who has not seen that level of success yet, you are definite to feel guilty. You might think twice before taking a break in this situation.

While its true that being an entrepreneur you put in a lot of efforts in your job. But nobody can work continuously without a decrease in their productivity. So, here it becomes important to take a break. Breaks are always the best way to recharge yourself and become more and more efficient. Breaks will definitely allow you to regain your lost focus and thereby you come back feeling energetic. So, it becomes important to understand the importance of taking a break as an entrepreneur and also not feel guilty about it.

Below are some tips to help not feel guilty when taking a break as an entrepreneur:

Breaks boost up your mood

There is not as such a scientific study to prove that taking a break boost up your mood. But looking at the past experiences of people they agree it does. As per a normal study, breaks boosts your mood from 3.9 to 4.4 out of 5. Also, breaks typically range from 5-10 minutes. Investing in yourself will definitely boost up your mood. Once you are in a good mood, you will be able to perform better. You will rejoice everything you do.

Getting enough sleep

When you are an entrepreneur, you might not be getting enough of sleep. You might be suffering because of that lack of sleep. So, taking a break for that one hour of lost sleep won’t make you feel guilty. Rather sleeping one hour extra each day can actually generate huge benefits. If you go to bed early or sleep an extra hour in the morning, don’t be guilty for those hours. Sleeping better makes you perform better. You can consider this sleep as a fuel for much better performance.

Breaks help you to recharge mentally

Since being an entrepreneur, you might be working day and night. Not only this, sometimes you might not be able to relax mentally also. There it tends to be important for entrepreneurs to take the required breaks. By taking a break you get to expand the vast amount of resources mentally on what exactly you might be doing. As an entrepreneur, you need to be creative, spontaneous as well as disciplined. All of this will surely need a lot of mental energy. When you recharge mentally it will be easy taking a break as an entrepreneur. The brain generally consumes almost 20% of all your energy that can also drain you quickly. So, taking a break also allows to fill up that gas. Take little breaks between work if long breaks are not possible.


Taking a break as an entrepreneur is definitely fruitful in terms of creativity as well. Break time can be an incubator for creativity. If you take time from the routine you can obviously think more. It will give you time to focus on creative things. If you take lighthearted breaks that are also non-demanding you come up with great ideas. They give an edge to your mind to process more information. If you have ever been into the experience of that “aha” moment in the shower you will understand the creativity. So, give your mind that amount of rest to enjoy more creativity.

How not to feel guilty when taking a break as an entrepreneur

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Improves Productivity

Breaks definitely benefit you as an entrepreneur. Taking a break as an entrepreneur not only helps in other ways but also increases your productivity. It does not really matter what kind of entrepreneur you are, taking a break improves your productivity by giving some time off work. When you leave your desk you tend to get some free time. Then you recharge yourself and prepare for the next project. This will make you more productive as you will have time to think more. You also get back into that zone after taking a break. So, working hard is not important, it is important to work smartly.

So, if you have tons of work on your desk, you might feel guilty about taking the breaks. People may be dependent on you but you need to take time out for yourselves. Just being engrossed, is not the solution to the problem. So, taking a break as an entrepreneur can work wonders for you. You can even take a short nap or read a book or spend some leisure time walking around.

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