Stuck in a rat race?

You are probably working 40 hours a week and wondering what happend to you in life why you have that J.O.B. (Just Over Broke). Or you are self-employed and work even more hours only to live from pay check to pay check. Those are the only way to make money right? Wrong! It’s not easy but it is possible to make money on your own and also escape that notorious rat race.


To create an escape plan for yourself you first need to know why you want to leave it. Have it very clear in your mind because you will need it when times are hard, for inspiration and motivation. Why you do something is the most powerful thing in this escape plan because it is tailored to you and you alone.


Knowing why you want it is a good start but knowing when you want to have it is turning your dream into a goal. Make your goal as big as you can that even when times are rough you still can see it trough hard of times. Compare it to a skyscraper, even from far away and when it’s raining, you still can manage to locate it. Also with in mind that if you perhaps only will reach 10% of your dream it is better to aim high.


People in the rat race who punch a timeclock have little motivation to use their time wisely. As one of them, I don’t get paid (or even rewarded) by performance, only based on whether or not I show up. Why spending that extra time on that customer even when my boss doesn’t pay me more for it is the only mindset of a rat racer.

When 5 o’clock strikes, the day is not done for me. There are still many hours left. Use your time wisely and utilize every moment to create your dream. I won’t advice you to quite your job right away but first to do it parttime. If you want to escape the rat race you have to put in the extra hours to make it happen.


Now you know why want to escape it, when and how you want to have accomplished it. The next thing is knowing with what. You can own a big business and have a whole system working for you with many employees but that would take a lot of your time.

The best way to escape the rat race is to create multiple forms of passive income. Some people will take this literally and do nothing but thats the wrong interpretation, this is not the lottery. You have to work hard for passive income and have a long term strategy. You can purchase many buildings and rent it to other people. Or own farmland and receive the earnings of the crops that are sold. Or you can trade in shares but all the above will need a large quantity of capital to receive income and thats we don’t have right now right?


There is also another form of passive income, a sort that doesn’t require a lot of capital right away but can be created from the income you have right now. Don’t get me wrong, it is still hard work and will take a few years. Want to know the best way to make your dream come true visit Opportunity and contact me.

Jelle Scheepens

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