Every 30 seconds in the United States, someone dies of a heart attack. Heart attack is the number one killer and the most important health risk that all men and women face today. We all know that a good way to keep our heart healthy is to do regular exercise and have a balanced diet filled with nutrients. However, along with this, there are several other daily habits that you can do to have a healthy heart.



There are two types of fats – healthy fats and trans-fats. A heart-friendly diet is important for a healthy heart. And thus, your diet should contain only healthy fats. The trans-fats increases the risk of heart diseases which can result in stroke over time. Trans-fat can clog the arteries, hence, increasing the level of bad cholesterol and diminishing the good cholesterol. When such fats are cut down, the blood flow improves. Trans-fats are present in the packed foods, fried foods and those that have preservatives.

Daily things to do for a healthy heart

Sleep well

Sleep is very essential for a body to function properly as well as help you in having a healthy heart. Due to less sleep,  risk of getting cardiovascular disease increases. A research showed that if you sleep for less hours, it can disturb the overall heath of the heart and body. There can a disruption of blood pressure and  disturbed inflammation.


Dental hygiene

Your dental hygiene is as important as any other hygiene for keeping a healthy heart. When your teeth are not healthy,  it may cause gum diseases. The bacteria developed because of this disease can go into the blood. This can elevate the proteins known as ‘C-reactive’. This protein increases inflammation in the arteries leading to heart diseases.


Sitting for a long time

Day-by-day technology has made it possible for people to do their tasks right on the tip of their finger and from where they are sitting,thus, increasing the risks of heart diseases. A research suggested that sitting in one place for a long time is not good for the health. Especially, for those people who have a job that requires sitting in one place for a long time. Even though they might be doing regular exercises, it will still affect them. Sitting in one place for a long time increases the cardiovascular diseases.

Daily things to do for a healthy heart

Second-hand smoke

When people smoke, it also affects the people who are around them more in comparison to people who actually smoke it. This is known as second-hand smoking. Research shows that 30% of developed heart diseases are causes of second-hand smoking. May it be smoking at home or at your place of work, exposing yourself to tobacco will lead to premature diseases pertaining to the heart. A healthy heart is a happy heart and people with high blood pressure level are at higher risks of having heart disease upon getting exposed to second-hand smoke. When people smoke, there is the emission of chemicals that advances the growth of plaque in the arteries.


Our heart is the center of our health and keeping it healthy is very essential. A healthy heart can be achieved by eating superfoods for heart and keeping your overall health fit and fine.


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