Lungs are always an integral part of your body. They are a part of a complex apparatus thus expanding and relaxing thousands of times each day. They help to bring in oxygen and also expel carbon dioxide. Lung issues may be a result of problems in any part of the body. Lung issues are one of the common medical conditions in the world. Many people these days suffer from these lung issues. Lung issues are basically the disorders that affect the lungs. As the lungs are the organs that allow us to breathe so it affects the whole body. There are many factors that are responsible for lung issues.

Some of the factors that cause lung issues are as below:


Smoking is one of the prominent causes of lung issues. The smoke from cigars, cigarettes, pipes harm the lungs in a drastic way. So, it is always advisable to quit smoking. Also, if you live or even work with a person in habit of smoking, try and avoid secondhand smoke. You may even ask the person to smoke outside. Second-hand smoke is very dangerous for babies, children and also adults.

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Asbestos’ is nothing but a natural mineral fibre. It is moreover used in insulation, fireproofing materials, car brakes as well as insulation along with other products. Asbestos sometimes gives off small fibres that are too small that you can see and so you might inhale them. Also, Asbestos is something that harms the lung cells thereby causing lung scarring or even cancer. Additionally, it may also cause cancer called mesothelioma. So, being one of the causes of lung issues, it is always better to avoid it.

Air pollution

Along with other causes, Air pollution is also one of the causes. According to various studies, there are some air pollutants like car exhaust that may contribute to asthma. It may also cause diseases as well like COPD, lung cancer among others.


This one is one of those colourless, odourless gas that is present in many homes. This gas is without any doubt a cause of lung cancer. Many kits that you purchase from hardware stores contain radon. You can even try and reduce this gas if you suspect high levels.


Obesity is also an important cause for lung issues. It has a great impact on respiratory diseases. Number of Patients with Chronic diseases are increasing day by day. As obesity increases, so does the respiratory problems. Under some circumstances, obesity can be directly linked to respiratory disorders like obstructive sleep apnea and obesity hypoventilation syndrome. Along with this, obesity is also related to other diseases like COPD and asthma. Obesity is also linked to cardiovascular diseases to a great extent. In order to recover from lung issues, you can consider weight loss as a symptomatic relief.

Coal mine dust

Coal Mine Dust is one of those Occupational Hazards. It becomes the cause of many of the lung diseases. Some of these diseases are Coal Workers Pneumoconiosis, silicosis, mixed dust pneumoconiosis, dust-related diffuse fibrosis disease. CMDLD, a disease is a common problem in some countries. Treatment of CMDLD is also symptomatic. But, if you are suffering from end-stage of the disease can go for lung transplantation. Just because this disease is not curable so it is important to take precautions instead.

Lungs being as important as any other organ so you need to take proper care. There are many diseases associated with these. If you know the early signs of the disease, it will help receive better treatment for the disease before it becomes critical.

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