Heart is a very hard working organ of human body which helps in the transportation of various nutrients and oxygen to different body parts. But, nowadays people are suffering from various heart issues. Heart issues generally means that the working of heart is not normal, that i s, the heart is not working properly as it must work. Some people have such issues right from birth and some acquire it during their lifetime. So, let’s explore what causes these heart issues.



The most primary factor which causes heart issues is age. Mostly, men at the age of 55 years and above are at the higher risk of having heart problems whereas women tend to have heart issues after the menopause.


High blood pressure

People suffering from high blood pressure are at great risk of suffering from heart issues. High blood pressure means high cholesterol level in blood which leads to blockage of arteries resulting in heart issues.

Causes of heart issues


Prolonged smoking damages the lining of arteries and instead of it builds up a layer of fat in arteries which increases the risk of heart attacks.



Excess body weight means high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels which itself are indications of heart issues.


Family history

If a person is supposed to have a family history of high blood pressure or heart attack, he is also likely at the risk of facing various heart issues.

Causes of heart issues

High blood sugar levels

If your sugar levels in the body are at high range, it is likely to affect the blood vessels which transport blood to other body parts. As a result, risk of heart attack and strokes increases.


Treatment of heart issues vary from person to person. It includes various medications prescribed by specialist doctors, surgeries, stunts. Check here some daily habits for a healthy heart. A good and healthy heart makes a healthy life. Therefore, starting a day with small amount of exercise keeps the body fit and fine. A proper diet, sound sleep, listening to music and dancing not only keeps the mind fresh, but also keeps the body and heart fresh. Hence, a better lifestyle can lead to healthy heart and healthy living.


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