Are you struggling every day at your traditional 9 to 5 job without seeing the types of long term results you are ultimately looking for? Well, the good news is that if you have the discipline to try and save regularly. Then you have the discipline to successfully set up a passive income stream. Financial independence is most crucial task for an individual who mainly manages his survival from a certain or fix-pay job. Application of passive income in overall earnings will help you in wealth building process.


What is passive income?

Making passive income is something that many people dream about. But, what is it? Well, a passive income is one that is received on a pretty regular basis. One that is not going to require as much effort in order to maintain it. This does not mean that no work is going to be involved. Especially in the beginning, you will be putting in more work than many people do for their regular incomes; you will also be taking a big risk.


There are many different types of income that could be classified as passive income such as:

  1. Your interests and abilities are key tools for your success in extra income generation process. If you have some certain skills about different computer languages like C, Java, etc. you can enhance wealth with your own mobile app or selling mobile apps.
  2. Extensive understanding of stock markets and its trends keeps you energetic towards wealth enhancement practices because you have ability to move cash and other investments in new companies, funds, mutual funds and other pools based on stock market. It generates extra funds for you in comparison of a normal investor.
  3. Cooking hobbies and expertise identified as a most simple tool for wealth building without much more investment. It can possible through online food selling activities like cake, cookies and as per the demand of local market and restaurant business.
  4. Do you think about real estate or property business? If you are a highly socialized individual and have lots social connections in the form of friends, family members, neighbors, colleagues, etc. than business of selling, leasing and renting different commercial and residential properties like flats, office areas, shops, malls etc. will provide a great source of additional earnings.
  5. The interest that you make from your bank account can be another form of passive income. There are a few banks that offer higher rates and if you invest wisely, it is possible to make more.
  6. Royalties in the form of patent, publishing a book. making a software product, or even writing a song can be considered as a passive income. You might have put in the work to produce the piece, but you are not actually doing work while the money is being made.

Network marketing

Talent or intelligence has not any kind of professional boundaries. Therefore, we cannot consider some predetermine tactics for generation of extra income. An individual can enhance extra income generation or wealth capabilities only through interests, creativity, and understanding of current market trends. Apart from that you can also learn some additional set of skills and knowledge through training and experience for handling different tasks and activities for extra earnings.

Everyone know about how several network marketing organizations got significant success and produced great return from its network for its distributors. So, you can start your own business as a distributor of any multi level marketing organization. You will assess a tremendous platform and lots of opportunity for earning your passive income through network marketing. Network marketing streams your vacant or unproductive daily hours in money generation activities and performs as a great sources of passive income. It motivates an individual towards new leanings and identification of some new sources of financial earnings.



You might be wondering if there is anything good you will be able to get out of a passive income. Well, that’s what I’m going to discuss in this post. So, let’s see why you require passive income.


Be your own boss

If you’re someone who’s tired of going to work each day, making money for someone else, or feel underappreciated, then passive income can be a great idea. By earning passive income, you can be your own boss, having complete control over your financial situation. You no longer need to answer to someone else or meet certain deadlines. When you gain control of your job, it is much easier to have freedom and do the things you want.

Flexible hours

Passive income is a great choice for anyone who is unhappy with their 9 to 5 job. When you are working on a passive income, you might find that some of the hours are more flexible, especially if you have done your job right. You will still have to put in hard work, but you will be able to change around the hours in order to spend time with your family or get other things done.


Time with family and friends

Everyone wishes they could spend more time with their families. Earning passive income allows you some free time to spend with your loved ones.


Peace of mind

Generating passive income can provide you with the security and peace of mind that comes with being truly economically secure.



Pursuing daily lifestyle with some additional sources can reduce time duration for attainment of financial goals. Wealth building is not an overnight process that needs certain time duration and you need to identify different pools of investments. In similar way, identification of some new pools through which you can stream some more money addition to your salary. Passive income triggers you towards learning of new skills and application of existing ability in generation of extra money so as you can accomplish your fiscal and personal goals. Let me help you to pursue this dream and contact me!



Semir · September 30, 2018 at 10:29

What a great article! I love it and I really love all the types of passive income you share!

    Jelle · October 15, 2018 at 01:20

    Thank you for the big compliment Semir!

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