I’m Jelle Scheepens and since my childhood I always wanted to create something for myself to share with others. Something to be proud of and to eventually leave a legacy.

In my early twenties I was completing my study Small Business and just before my last semester I went into a depression. I couldn’t do anything for half a year, I was paralyzed.

In this time I had a long time to think how this could happen and why I was in my life where I was. I concluded that I wasn’t listing to my body and I certainly didn’t took care of it. In the years before and during my depression I gained a lot of weight and when I realized what I was doing to my body I decided to change.


I decided to recover from my depression and to change my life for good. I chose to never feel this way again. I decided to improve my life step by step to get in a better shape than ever before. I went from an obese depressed person to a happy (still losing weight) one because I chose to be so.

I discovered that nutrition, exercise and rest had to be in balance for a happy body and mind. Sometimes you need a life changing event in your life to see what’s important.

In the midst of my depression I graduated and received my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. I believe that you are responsible for your own happiness and because I made this change for myself and I survived a depression. I wanted to share happiness with other people but how? Besides a healthy body and mind, having a healthy cashflow is also important. I decided to combine those two things with my current business in August 2017.


Your Future In Shape is a trendmarketing multinational platform which combines three booming branches; wellness, e-commerce and networking. It provides health and wealth which leads to ultimate freedom for you and the people you like to share it with.

My goal is to obtain ultimate health and financial freedom for me, my family, friends and others. I think most people are in a ratrace, many are happy with that but I look for people who have the desire and will to change something in their lives. To give them a break and for once start and build something that will last generations.