Want to take on a new project or having no idea on what business to start. See here a list of a few health and wellness business ideas for 2018.


A nutritionist is a person who advises on matters of food and nutrition and their impacts on human health. Although it takes a bit more schooling, becoming a nutritionist is a well-proven path to working in health and wellness. Nutritionists are in-demand at hospitals, wellness centers, gyms, spas, corporations and more. It’s a well-known profession that allows you to work as an employee or entrepreneur. If you have the required training and certification, you can set up a business that trains people on the best types of foods to eat and what to avoid so that they can maintain a perfect health.



Herbalists help their patients improve their health using medicinal herbs and foods. This career also requires extensive schooling, but if you’re passionate about plants and health, it is a great option. Typically herbalists would work in person with their patients, but it’s also possible to create online courses or write books. You can become a herbalist who grows and sells fresh herbs for healing and health maintenance to health and wellness conscious individuals.


Weight Loss Coach

Weight Loss is the main motivation for many people to get serious about their health and fitness, so working with clients to lose weight never goes out of style! There are many certifications you could do to help with weight loss, from personal training to health coaching to nutrition and more. This is one business with a very huge demand. A lot of people are desperate to shed some weight and would spare no costs to get products, professional advice and any tricks that can help them shed off the excess weight.
There is also always a need for weight loss products! Many people get interested in health and wellness solely to lose weight, so they are always looking for products to support their weight loss. You could manufacture your own product or sell an existing one to a new market.


Dietary Supplements

Much, if not most, of the income in the health and wellness industry, comes from product sales. It includes food, vitamins and supplements, and weight loss tools. Getting into this profitable market is easy.

You can make a lot of money selling these offline or online. You can also set up a mobile dietary supplement sales business. If there’s a dietary supplement which has personally helped you to achieve your health and wellness goals, you might be able to sell it to others as well.


Natural Beauty Products

Once you’ve read an ingredient label and realized how much chemical junk goes into our beauty products, you’ll want to go natural – and your clients will too! You can either sell existing natural beauty products, or manufacture your own. In this interview, we learn how this wellpreneur created her own natural skincare brand.


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