Barcelona is a beautiful city and the cosmopolitan capital of Spain. If you wish to enjoy some unique as well as inspiring architecture in the world, Barcelona is surely the place. When you visit this place, you need to take a tour of the city’s parks, museums as well as churches. Barcelona offers a stunning seaside view along with its beautiful and sunny lifestyle. With its gorgeous scenery along with breathtaking architecture, this city makes for an alluring destination. To add to its beauty is the balmy Mediterranean climate. Equally, Barcelona is famous for its much modern architecture. If you just wish to relax this city offers you multiple options so that you can soak up the city’s vibes. You can also escape to the sandy beaches here and even linger over the leisurely meals. This city offers you delightful surprises at every turn.

Some of the must-visit places in Barcelona are:

1. Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia is one of the most unconventional churches in Barcelona. This is one of the most spectacular as well as famous sights in Barcelona. The UNESCO-listed Basilica is in the northern part of the city. It is in covering by almost 18 spindly towers that are soaring high above all other monuments. This one is also famous by its official name: Temple Epiatori de la Sagrada Familia. This one is also the most unique buildings in the world. Moreover, this is the one having a foot in the past as well as future. With this, you are able to appreciate its old history and also anticipate into the future glory.

2. Picasso Museum

The Picasso Museum is one of the most famous museums here in Barcelona. Here you can find a collection of around 4000 works along with early sketches as well as canvases. The collection in this museum depicts incredible development from student to the world’s best-loved artist. The Picasso museum belongs to many magnificent gothic mansions. This museum displays the work of the famous Pablo Picasso. You may find all the work of his early years to the very whimsical paintings. You will also find sculptures from the end of his career. The museum also depicts the artist’s lifelong relationship with Barcelona. It is also advisable to buy the tickets for this museum in advance. This is in order to avoid the unnecessary rush.

3. Parc Guell

Park Guell or Guell Park is another interesting place in Barcelona. Because of its beautiful architecture, this park is famous with visitors. It has always been exciting to visit such kind of a place. This park is built up on a hill. It does feature steep inclines as well as unpaved pathways. Being a popular attraction this place is full of the crowd most of the times. According to studies most of the visitors here are either national or international tourists. This splendid park is colourful, cheerful as well as is full of whimsy. This park has a beautiful landscape and features architectural elements that too in signature style.

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4. La Rambla: Barcelona’s Social Hub

If you are a social person, you will definitely enjoy the life at La Rambla. The heart of Barcelona’s social life is found here. It is basically a broad tree-shaded avenue dividing the old town into two parts. La Rambla starts stretching from Placa de Catalunya till all the way down to the port. This is a wide street that features expensive pedestrian sidewalks. This street has many shops, restaurants as well as outdoor cafes. Because of all this, it becomes a popular hangout in the city. You will find many locals here doing everyday shopping. This is one of the colourful markets that sell fruits, vegetables along with other food products. You will definitely enjoy the liveliness.

5. Magic Fountain show

Another must see attraction in Barcelona is the Magic Fountain show. It is such a fountain that you might have never seen before. You will surely feel magical to experience the beautiful show of water, light as well as music. This fountain dates back to 1929. It used to be one of the main attractions for the 1929 Barcelona World Fair. To enjoy the light shows you need to visit this place on Friday and Saturdays in winters. However, in summers, the evening light and music show are from Thursday to Saturday. The main benefit is that these shows are free all year round.

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This city has always been popular amongst the visitors. It is one of the beautiful cities and has some stunning views along with the above places. You can even wander here aimlessly and find some of the hidden town squares. You will love the way street musicians strum melodies on Spanish guitars.

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